Aww, Shucks…


I nearly forgot about this little beauty. Yes, the glamorous blogger lifestyle has left me so jaded, that I now ignore awards that have been passed to me by my fellow bloggers. *le sigh* Besides, one should always appear humble when in the public eye, right? “Oh, this old thing? That’s just my Nobel Prize Versatile Blogger Award. Don’t you have one?”

Except, I’m really just tickled pink whenever someone is so inclined to include me in the blogging reindeer games. In this case, it was the amazing Mancakes, who so generously picked me to be on her list of fifteen bloggers to receive this sweet award. Thank you, thank you, you lovely and talented lady!

Here, in no particular order, are my fifteen choices:

1. The Waiting

2. Memoirs of a Mom Who Ticks

3. Ned’s Blog

4. Doodlemum

5. I Don’t Get It

6. The Jaded Apothecary

7. whiny baby

8. The Real Full House

9. Raising My Rainbow

10. B(itch) Log

11. Icescreammama

12. The Byronic Man

13. the ramblings

14. Momma Be Thy Name

15.  Small Potatoes


Apparently, I am now supposed to divulge 7 random facts about myself.

1. I already had five kids when I met my husband. This either makes him really brave, or certifiably insane. It also may say a lot about my feminine wiles. *winkwink*

2. I hate to wear shoes and will almost always choose flip flops over other footwear. For some odd reason, I do have a closet full of shoes.

3. I was raised by a single mother (God love her) and her gay male friends. I am convinced that this is where my wit and my flair for the dramatic was born. I’m not saying that all gay men are dramatic, but oh my, my mama knew some doozies.

4. I moved to Colorado from San Francisco when I was 15. Talk about culture shock…

5. I have a serious nerd crush on Stephen Colbert. My husband is aware of said crush, yet I don’t believe he feels at all threatened. Weird…

6. I’m 37 and just voted for the first time in November. That’s all I’m going to say, as I refuse to discuss politics with people I like.

7. My favorite word in the English language is “smitten”. Aww…


Alrighty friends…go spread some love.


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