Hello? Is this thing on?


Hello, my name is Leila. Welcome to my little slice of blog heaven.

I am –

  • mother of six rotten hooligans fantastic children
  • a birth doula
  • wife to fantastic, but imperfect guy
  • a chicken keeper
  • a food lover
  • crafty
  • gloriously sarcastic
  • tragically clumsy
  • often my own worst enemy

9 responses

  1. Hello There! As a connoisseur of a good dose of glorious sarcasm, I think we can be friends! Thanks for stopping by my little bloggy heaven, too. Engage each day with action words…oh wait, you have six kiddos…there’s action, I’m sure. 🙂

    • I like you. We *should* be friends. I actually think I could use a few more action verbs in my life. Plus, you shower with super heros, which totally makes you cool.

      • Yes. I shower with Superheroes, find them in my bed, even the refrigerator sometimes. (I can’t really explain that one…I live with a funny five year old boy!) But most of the time, I just step on them which causes me to curse at them. But we always make up. 🙂

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