I’m Gonna Do It. Just You Wait And See…

I’ve had a hell of a couple of weeks, y’all. As of today, I’ve had it up to *here* with this whole being an adult/parenting gig. I’m done. Fini. Caput.

After much consideration, I’ve made a life-changing decision – I’m running away from home and joining the circus. Who’s with me?

Ahhh…just think about it. The freedom. The thrills. The sparkly costumes. Not to mention all of the travel and potential for adventure. I mean, who hasn’t fantasized about a late-night rendezvous behind the big-top, with a toothless carny? No one? Really? Hmm…odd.

Of course, I’m going to need some sort of a talent. Knife juggling, maybe?

Is it me, or does she look nervous?

Nah. I need something with a bit more glitz and glamour. How about joining a super-cool trapeze act?

The girl on the top is certainly limber, isn’t she?

I don’t think so. I’m not all that fond of heights. Hmm…this looks fun.

The horse looks less than pleased, no?

I’ve got it! Now this is what I’m talking about! Glamour! Excitement! A really neat-o co-star!

It takes a special lady to look this sexy while riding an elephant’s trunk.

That outfit is a tad skimpy. I may need to start working out.